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A Flower in Flame

A Flower in Flame

The movie ‘Ahoto Fuler Golpo’ tells us a story about three girls-Shapla, Kamini and Mohona who were the victims of orthodox
patriarchal Muslim society, widespread information technology and influence of western culture respectively. Shapla is a schoolgirl who gets herself emotionally involved with a freshman named Sobuj.
At the same time, the Imam of the mosque is attracted to Shapla. Shapla’s close friend Kamini is having an open relationship.
But as her sex video gets leaked, she commits suicide. In the meantime, Shapla’s father comes to know about her affair and decides to marry her off with Imam Huzoor. Mohona, an open-minded girl of the same village, tries to stop Shapla’s wedding. But her efforts went in vain and Shapla gets married to that Huzoor who is about two times older than she. Then Shapla becomes like a jailbird being captured in her bigoted husband’s house. Meanwhile, Sobuj can’t forget Shapla and comes to visit her frequently. In this perplexing situation, Shapla feels jeopardized in an existential crisis. But as time passes and Mohona tries to improve the situation, Huzoor’s mind starts getting a bit changed.
A window of hope and freedom gets opened in Shapla’s life.


March 28, 2021


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